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All Smiles Dental – The Best in Family Dentistry

All Smiles Dental – The Best in Family Dentistry

When Crocker Dental opened their doors as a family owned dental practice over three decades ago, they aimed to create a family friendly atmosphere that was based around the comfort of their patients. As the transition is being made from Crocker Dental to All Smiles Dental, it is clear that their mission remains the same that it has always been.

As a dental practice providing family dentistry in Lexington SC, there are very few other dentists in the state that can make claim to the long term success that All Smiles Dental has achieved. The current head dentist at the office, Dr. Conrad Crocker, has set his sights on continuing to build upon this long term success while committing to over 100 hours of annual education related to his craft.

More on Dr. Crocker

Dr. Crocker is a second generation dentist that entered the field with a burning desire to learn everything he could about oral health and helping patients achieve the optimal smile. He became involved in the industry very early in life with his father serving as the catalyst and has continued to build upon his father’s passion for making people feel amazing about their teeth.

Specializing in Several Different Services

One of the main advantages that All Smiles Dental can provide over many other dental practices in the area is the fact that they specialize in a wide variety of different dental procedures and services. Whether you have a son or daughter that needs orthodontics care or are having some problems of your own, Dr. Crocker and his staff can take care of it for you.

Built Around Your Needs

The staff at All Smiles Dental wants you to know that they are completely on your side. The atmosphere is extremely relaxed and the friendly staff is always there to make sure your needs are met. They encourage you to schedule a consultation to review you and your family’s oral health before ever even committing to them as your family dentist.

Be sure to get in touch with someone from the All Smiles Dental staff to hear more about how they can help you and your family achieve the smile of your dreams. It will not take long before you too realize just how comforting and reliable of an option they are for family dentistry in Lexington SC.

For more information on Invisalign, contact our office at (803) 356-0700.

All Smiles Dental – The Best in Family Dentistry November 23, 2015

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Crocker Dental is NOW All Smiles Dental and still LOCALLY owned for 37 years!

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