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Root Canal

Untold Secrets About Root Canal Therapy

Tooth cross sectionAre you battling through intense tooth pain? Are you unable to eat and sleep peacefully? Do you want to save yourself from your tooth problems? If yes, you will definitely find root canal therapies useful! Over the past few years, root canals have gained a bad reputation and are regarded as one of the most feared and dreaded dental treatments. People fear that the procedure involves many complicated routines and painful processes. However, a recent survey that was performed by the American Association of Endodontists revealed that many people fear root canal treatments due to someone else’s experience. Root canals are actually fairly painless and tolerable.

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Myth 1 – The Process Is Painful

As mentioned previously, many people regard root canal therapy as a difficult and tiring process. Nevertheless, you should remember that the treatment is done on a tooth that is in pain. The treatment is performed to heal an infected pulp and a nerve that is dying slowly. This is one of the primary reasons behind the therapy’s pain. It is quite evident that the treatment will alleviate pain. The process will make you feel better than before when that poor tooth had been causing you so much pain.

Myth 2 – Root Canal Therapy Requires Many Appointments

Many believe that root canal therapies require a lot of appointments. However, this is a famous misconception. Generally, you can complete the procedure in one or two appointments. The time required to complete a root canal treatment is controlled by many factors. The extent of infection, the dentist’s proficiency and the difficulty level of the root canal routine will calibrate the total time required. If you want the treatment to be as quick as possible, you must approach a skilled root canal specialist as soon as symptoms start. Experienced endodontists are also specialized in root canal therapies and can verify the tooth’s functionality and protect it from further issues.

Myth 3 – Unforeseen and Unexpected Illnesses

Unfortunately, many people state that root canal therapies cause unforeseen and unexpected illnesses. This is a myth that stems from the study done by Dr. Weston Price, almost 100 years ago. According to Dr. Price, an endodontically treated tooth has a lot of room for bacteria. Serious infection may result in arthritis, heart diseases and kidney failures. However, the theory is not proven scientifically. There is no evidence to portray the bond between root canal treatments and deadly illnesses because bacteria are found in the teeth at all times. Even teeth without any gum problems have bacteria.

Myth 4 – The Tooth Has to Hurt

Before you engage in a root canal treatment, the tooth doesn’t have to hurt. According to the very old adage, “the sooner, the better,” the sooner the tooth is treated, the better! If the need for a root canal treatment is found at an earlier stage, you can save yourself from excess pain. In fact, teeth that are prone to be infected can be treated using the root canal therapy. When the treatment becomes less painful and absolutely bearable, it is a good time for therapy. To avoid overly painful root canal treatments, you must visit a dentist frequently.

Myth 5 – Doesn’t Last for a Long Time

A common myth is that the benefits of a root canal treatment do not last for a long time. This is a misconception raised by patients with broken teeth after a root canal session. Technically, when a nerve is removed from a tooth, the flow of blood and nutrients will stop. Eventually, the tooth will become weak and brittle. Forces stemmed from talking, eating and grinding would break the tooth. Thusly, it is not the fault of the root canal treatment. Instead, the post-therapy routines have failed miserably.

Four Benefits of Root Canal Treatments

On the whole, root canal therapies are done to protect the tooth and enhance its life. Here is a quick glance through common reasons behind the need for a root canal treatment:

  1. The treatment will protect your teeth from decaying. In case you have a half-dead tooth, the therapy can rescue it.
  2. If your tooth is abscessed with pulp and puss, the treatment can clear the region. Hence, it acts like a relief from infection.
  3. If your tooth’s nerve is seen, the root canal treatment won’t hide it.
  4. If your tooth is dying slowly, the special therapy will rescue your tooth and keep it alive.

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