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Teeth Extraction

Latest Teeth Extraction Services for Dental Needs

Dental problems can pop up at any time and at any age. Without proper care and routine dental checkups, we may get trapped in the clutches of tooth- and jaw-related complications that may affect our lifestyle and hamper our oral hygiene to a great deal. A major problem faced by many people is the impaction of the teeth, which can cause serious damage to the teeth and nearby gums.

With the rapid advancement of oral surgery and orthodontic procedures, teeth extraction is a normal procedure nowadays. With this simple process, one can distance themselves from pain and discomfort due to improper growth and alignment of their teeth.

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Types of Extractions

There are basically two different classes of services provided for impacted teeth. First are the extraction services and second are the follow-up preservation of the extraction site, which are also very necessary.

The wisdom teeth extraction process is fairly common these days as a lot of people are afflicted with severe pain when wisdom teeth grow in. When the teeth try to grow in or protrude from the gums, wisdom teeth can cause some serious problems as they sometimes emerge at an angle, rather than the straight line path they ought to follow from the gum line. This uneven or even partial appearance of the third molars from the gums can cause severe problems, such as pain, swelling, misalignment, and, in some cases, pericoronitis due to the operculum formation. Operculum is a flap of skin that might develop over the wisdom teeth when it only protrudes from the gum line partially.

Problems Associated With Impacted Teeth

When impacted, the tooth becomes harder to clean and food and other particles may get stuck in the tooth and gum around the impacted tooth, leading to an infection condition known as pericoronitis, which can be harmful. Pericoronitis leads to considerable swelling as well as pain in the gum area.

Impacted teeth that can cause potential infection problems need to be removed by trained orthodontists. A single affected tooth might be removed or the dentist may even opt to extract all four of the patient’s wisdom teeth depending on the severity of the problem. The procedure is normally quite painless as most orthodontists apply a local anesthetic to the general wisdom teeth area to numb it, which allows the patient to not feel anything until the procedure is done.

For some patients, dentists may opt to go for the more powerful anesthesia, such as general anesthesia. This is done so that the patients remain completely sedated and do not have to remain conscious for the entire procedure. This is typically done for people who have dental phobia or are nervous about the procedure.

Following the Procedure

After the teeth (or tooth) are/is extracted, people often neglect the next step, which is equally important, and that is the extraction site preservation. There is an open empty space left behind after wisdom teeth are extracted from any side of the jaw.The extraction site will heal on its own. But, because it resides in the back of the mouth, it can be hard to clean and maintain free of obstructions.

If a tooth other than a wisdom tooth is removed, the empty, gaping hole at the extraction site may lead to degeneration of the jaw bone and it might change the jaw’s shape, which is directly responsible for teeth shifting. This is a problem that can lead to severe problems in speaking abilities as well as the ability to chew food properly.

Normally dentists and orthodontists are quite responsive and open toward discussions regarding the proper method for the extraction site preservation based on the patient’s condition. This can be done even before a patient heads for the teeth extraction procedure in the first place.

Orthodontists and dentists will give several recommendations and also chart out effective post extraction treatment plans that benefit patients in the long run. The patient may opt for a procedure to fill in the extraction site with dental implants, for which the main criteria is to have a sturdy jaw bone which can withstand the dental implants. One can also opt for getting dental bridges. to install dental bridges in the extraction site, it must be molded and then placed before teeth shift. Hence these simple oral surgery procedures can help reduce dental problems of most patients nowadays. A regular dental check up with a reputed orthodontist can help in effective treatment of any possible afflictions.

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