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Traditional Braces

Change Your Overall Look With Traditional Braces

Beautiful LipsAlmost everyone would agree that a smile adds to our personality and enhances our looks. The first thing that people notice about us is our smile and it’s radiating magnetism. Each one of us wishes to achieve perfectly clean, white and straight teeth since it can add an extra gleam to your smile as well as your personality. However, not all are born with naturally beautiful teeth, which is why corrective measures like traditional braces and teeth whitening are gaining popularity. Your smile is enhanced tremendously when your teeth are whiter and straighter. This is why many people opt for traditional braces.


Dental braces are used mostly for correcting crowded and crooked teeth, jaw problems and misaligned bite. They also eliminate the problems you may have with keeping your teeth clean, eating or being able to speak properly. Traditional braces have evolved through the years, becoming smaller, sleeker and more comfortable. These braces consist of standard metal brackets which remain adhered to your teeth with the help of an adhesive and are connected through wires. The metal brackets come in golden, clear and silver colors, and are strong. They can withstand all types of treatment. Initially, the cheek tissue and gums might become irritated, but it can be dealt through ways like applying wax to the brackets or saltwater rinses. Metal brackets require tightening on a timely basis so that gradual pressure will eventually align your jaw and straighten your teeth as needed.

Elastic Bands and Metal Wires

Most traditional metal braces require an O-shaped elastic rubber band, called ligature, for holding the arch wire onto the metal bracket. In many cases, metal tie wires also are used as substitutes. Years ago, these braces were not just brackets, but only a band that remained wrapped around each individual tooth.

Today, small metal brackets are attached to the front of every tooth. The old type of bands are mostly reserved for teeth with fillings or molars which overlap to the outside surface of a tooth. Usually, metal brackets are less expensive than other bracket types. Moreover, choices of various colorful ligatures also are available to allow personalized style.

Traditional braces work with heat-activated wires that are soft when cold, thus making it easy for the orthodontist to insert. But once you start wearing those braces, your body heat activates them and guides your teeth to move into their proper placement. At the day’s end, traditional braces work exactly in a similar fashion as the ceramic or nonaccelerated ones, with the benefit that they are quite affordable.

Adults and Braces

Adults often think that it has become too late for them to put on braces and they have to bear the burden of small smiles and imperfect teeth throughout their lives. The truth, however, is that it’s never too late to get your teeth corrected.

When you first visit your orthodontist, he or she will take enough time to carefully assess what metal braces will fit your teeth perfectly. Your doctor also will provide you possible information required for putting your mind at ease about the entire process. The procedure usually takes an hour and a half for completion. No shots or needles are involved and you won’t feel any pain. However, you might feel a bit of pressure while the braces are being placed. The wearing time of braces can vary anywhere between six to 30 months.

After your braces are fitted, you will have to come and see your dentist every two to 10 weeks for required adjustments.

Caring for Braces

You can care for your braces in various ways to maintain good oral hygiene. Various brands of floss threaders make it really easy for cleaning around the braces, implants and bridges. Using waxed floss will be even better if your teeth are really close to one another. Dental picks are small tools with thin pointed metal tips are relatively easier to use than floss while trying to reach your molars. Different kinds of water pick devices such as the cordless ones, countertop ones and specialty ones can also assist. They reach the gum line and deep within the teeth spacing for getting rid of bacteria.

Proxabrush kits that come with three brush head refills and a comfortable handle are designed for removing plaque from the hard to reach areas inside your mouth. Interdental toothbrushes are best when you have a fixed brace. They easily get in between your teeth and clean around the brackets of fixed traditional braces.

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